Monday, 18 September 2017


The rain started to fall as the cars took to the track for their 20 minutes of qualifying, different tyre choices through-out the grid lent itself to an interesting session. 

Unfortunately Bobby’s car suffered engine  issues during qualifying session meaning he would be starting the first race of the day from the back of the grid.

More rain fell setting the scene for what was to be an interesting race one as the drivers took to the grid. Bobby Thompson rolled into last position on the grid ready for the 20 minute race.
The red lights flashing on before quickly going off with the field racing towards turn one. A swift getaway from the Team Hard driver making up 3 places in the first 20ft.
Thompson continued to pick off cars from the rear of the field as he charged through the pack on the opening lap
The cars streamed past the start finish straight with Thompson up to sixth as they darted through turn one for the second time.
The field raced on with Witts managing a move on Gordon up the inside into Campbell leaving Gordon slow exiting the complex, to be easy pray for the fast charging Thompson who demoted him a place further.
Up front Dole put his head down as he closed in on Wilson for the lead setting the fastest lap of the race in the process, but all eyes were on the GKR scaffolding Golf of Thompson as a move for third became imminent. Witts lead Thompson towards the complex as the 21year old Thompson took a late lunge up the inside. The cars ran side by side exiting Cobb corner seeing Witts have a moment, dropping a wheel onto the grass and taking to the infield, allowing Thompson and Gordon past.
Up front Dole was finally close enough to make a move on Wilson. Getting a good exit from Church turn, Dole took to the outside under braking, getting ahead before pulling across the nose of Wilson to take the lead. Thompson, 4 seconds back began picking up the pace as he closed in Wilson for second, posting the fastest lap of the race on his way.
With little time left on the clock, Dole led the field onto the last lap with Wilson and Thompson in close pursuit behind. Defending hard Wilson went side by side with Thompson exiting the Complex and then  through noble seeing Thompson edge past as they entered Church.
The chequered was ready and dropped on Kenan Dole, securing his maiden win in the championship, closely followed across the line by an impressive drive from Bobby Thompson securing his 7th podium finish to date after starting from the back of the grid. Third place was claimed by Darelle Wilson after being displaced on the final rotation of the circuit.        

 The rain continued to fall as the field took to the circuit once more for the second reverse grid race of the day. Series points leader Tom Witts lined up on pole along alongside the grey Scirocco Kieran Gordon with Bobby in his familiar union flag Gkr scaffolding/ Blue finn Northern alliance backed car starting in 6th place. After completing the quick green flag lap the gantry lit up before flashing off commencing the 20 minutes of action.
The cars raced into the complex for the first time in a blur of spray disappearing exiting Cobb. Championship protagonist Jamie Bond making the most of the dramatic start found himself in fourth position after starting on the fifth row of the grid.
Lap after lap the cars circulated in the treacherous conditions, with very limited visibility and speeds well over 100mph Bobby showing his talent in the rainy conditions by making his way into 2nd position.
The clock ticked down as the Solar advanced Backed Thompson began contemplating a move on teammate Dole for the lead. Heading through Church Thompson got the overlap undercutting on the inside and found himself past Dole into the braking zone of Club to take the lead.
Once Up in front and determined to stay there bobby posted a new fastest lap as he began to pull a margin back to Dole. Before Dole could respond the chequered dropped seeing Thompson take his 5th win of the season, heading a Team Hard Racing podium lockout with Dole securing second and Bond completing the top three.
Leaving Thruxton Bobby Thompson now leads the championship after drop scores by a mere 5 point margin to Maximum Motorsport’s Tom Witts. With such a small points difference the championship fight will come to a conclusion in just 10 days time when the championship heads to Donington for the final round, make sure not to miss it!