Friday, 17 March 2017

iCodriver - the coolest app for rally co-drivers

Race and Rally World are big fans of technology especially apps which are innovative and easy to use. Following a chat on Twitter, one of our followers  @iCodriver told us about their app for co-drivers which uses an iPad instead of the road book.

iCodriver has been written by  Hernan Vargas Peña, from Paraguay.  He is a former rally driver and  is a professional rally co-driver. 

He started competing in 1997, successes include 


2005  Paraguay A6 Class champion - Peugeot 206 XS


2003 South American Rally Championship A7  Champion - VW Golf Kit Car

2011 South American Rally Championship Class 2 Champion

2016 Acropolis Rally Greece - 2nd class ERC2, 9th Overall
         Paraguay National Champion - RC2N Class

Since 2011, Hernan has been using his own software, iCodriver, which is an iPad app that replaces all the tools that a co-driver needs for a rally, for writing, sharing and reading the pace notes. 

The history of iCodriver starts following a a few weeks of searching for an app which could be used for  the role of co-driving. There was nothing suitable. Hernan was keen to  use an iPad in the team's new Mitsubishi Evo X R4 rally car. The team gave Hernan their full support to develop the software and combined with his competition background, he knew that he could put together something really special for the co-driver.

ICodriver evolved quickly as features such as stopwatch, split times, GPS were added.

A unique selling point is that there is a stage countdown which instantly tells the crew how far it is  to go to end of stage in real time. 

The recce mode also has Black, Red & Blue ink colors for writing, yellow highlighter and an eraser.   Your notes are kept clean and ready to read for the rally.

You can download iCodriver from the iPad App Store, it comes in 2 versions, the Lite, free-full featured version with the limit of 10 special stage files stored and inability to import pacenotes from another iCodriver. The Pro version costs 50 Euro  with no limits and all future upgrades are included. 

If you dont want to use the  trip meter mode, Hernan suggests  an iOS/Android app called Rally Tripmeter which is free download. It has a recce mode and 2 trip meters that you can reset individually. 

For further information, you can contact Hernan